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Impossible Dreams, Improbable Deeds — Columbus: Discovery and Initial Encounter

Fifty and Better FABulous Summer Lecture Series

Impossible Dreams, Improbable Deeds — Columbus: Discovery and Initial Encounter

500 years ago, two worlds met: utterly alien, unknown, unsuspected to one another. Three men decisively shaped that encounter and its legacy for succeeding generations. In this first of three lectures, Columbus and the initial encounter are explored. 

So who was this Genoese sailing for the Spanish crown, with a mysterious signature and messianic complex? What did he “discover” in spite of himself? How have his deeds been variously interpreted over the last 500 years?

This lecture can be taken independently of Herbert Gooch’s other summer lectures.

Gooch is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at California Lutheran University. He formerly served as Director of the Masters in Public Policy and Administration program and Assistant Provost for Graduate Studies at Cal Lutheran. A graduate of U.C. Berkeley in History, he holds a M.B.A in Management and both masters and doctoral degrees in Political Science from U.C.L.A. He has written extensively and is a frequent commentator on political affairs locally and statewide. He has been at Cal Lutheran since 1987 and lives in Newbury Park with his wife. His interests include politics, film and travel.

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