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Artists' Reception for "Sacred Residue"

Exhibition by Brian Paumier and Vanessa Wallace-Gonzales

Artists' Reception for "Sacred Residue"

Join the artists, Brian Paumier and Vanessa Wallace-Gonzales, at a reception for "Sacred Residue."

Enjoy the current exhibition, “Sacred Residue,” featuring the works of Brian Paumier and Vanessa Wallace-Gonzales. This joint exhibition displays two artists delving into the depths of personal identity through their work. Their art, however, is not self-centered, rather their work reflects on the universal and communal connections that make up the individual. A combination of known and new works from each artist are exhibited, along with the unveiling of a new collaborative piece between Paumier and Wallace-Gonzales. The exhibit thematically pulls together symbolic visual fictions, based on personal truths, examining the fragments and fractures of life and considering the ways in which these elements are both a burden and a source for growth. Each artist works with various mediums, including painting, sculpture, and mixed media, and each work is an invitation for the viewer to consider the cultural fibers that inform this sacred life. The exhibition runs through Saturday, March 25.

Refreshments will be served.

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