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In Honor of Memorial Day event

In Honor of Memorial Day event

In honor of Memorial Day, the Ahmanson Veteran Resource Office is hosting a solemn observance for those who have died in service to our nation.

The Rev. Scott Hamilton Adams will deliver remarks, providing a spiritual perspective on the significance of Memorial Day and the debt we owe to those who laid down their lives for our country. The event will end with a moment of silence, offering a poignant opportunity to reflect on the immeasurable cost of war and the valor of our fallen soldiers.

As we pay tribute to the memories of these heroes, refreshments will be served, allowing for personal reflection as well as shared commemoration with our campus community. This simple act of coming together reinforces the bonds that unite us as Americans and our enduring gratitude for those who served.

Memorial Day represents far more than just the start of summer. It is a day to honor the selfless courage of the men and women who died protecting our way of life. We hope you will join us at the flagpole on campus for this deeply meaningful event.


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