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Meet Organizational Member: The Housing Trust Fund Ventura County

The basics

Linda Braunschweiger
Housing Trust Fund Ventura County

Tell us about yourself, and your organization’s mission

I am a second generation native Californian.  My first job out of San Diego State University was working in Washington, D.C. for a CA US Senator.  Then I had the amazing opportunity to work for the White House on the Advance Team.  After I earned my MBA, I transitioned into the “family” business of banking.  A political appointment in Sacramento at the CA Housing Finance Agency fanned my passion for affordable housing.  Returning to So CA, I followed my entrepreneurial spirit by starting two companies which lead to my role originally as a contract CEO, now an employee, of the Housing Trust Fund Ventura County (HTFVC).

HTFVC’s mission is to support more housing choices, by generating and leveraging financial resources, working in partnership with the public, private, and non-profit sectors throughout Ventura County.  Since the HTFVC’s inception in 2011, as a 501c3 nonprofit corporation, it has become the local trusted leader in helping to increase affordable housing options throughout Ventura County. The HTF leverages public-private partnerships to provide low-cost, flexible loans early in the housing development cycle. As of July 2019, HTF has invested $8.5 million through its revolving loan fund, creating 305 affordable apartments and homes for very-low, low- and moderate income employees, transitional age foster youth, veterans, farm workers, and the homeless.

What’s happening at the Housing Trust Fund Ventura County – any recent highlights, milestones or upcoming events?

Housing Trust Fund Ventura County has a rare opportunity to bring a $10 million dollar matching grant from California State Proposition 1 to Ventura County to fund new affordable housing development.  Our community continues to be one of most expensive places to live in the Country.  Housing prices are driving the cost of living out of reach for many residents of Ventura County and having a significant impact on the economic stability of our community.  We are asking individuals, businesses, foundations, and government to invest in HTFVC and Be the Match!

Recently we completed a rebranding campaign, changed our name slightly to Housing Trust Fund Ventura County, and have a beautiful new logo.

What about the Housing Trust Fund Ventura County is particularly special to you, what would you like our readers to know?

Our new tag line is: Everyone deserves a home! This is the very reason my dedicated Board of Directors, staff and I work so hard to raise lending capital so affordable homes in Ventura County can be experienced by all in need.  The feeling of giving a family who once lived in horrid conditions the keys to their new home is an amazing feeling.  Lives are changed.

Why did you think it was important to become an organizational member and/or donor of the Center for Nonprofit Leadership?

The Center for Nonprofit Leadership provides top notch training specific to the issues nonprofits deal with daily.  The staff is knowledgeable about our challenges, know how to find answers to our questions, and can be a shoulder to cry on when we need support.  The Center is an amazing asset in our community. 

What do you value most about your membership?

Our membership provides the opportunity to network, collaborate, learn from, and celebrate milestones with my fellow nonprofit leaders.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Everyone deserves a home!