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Festival of Scholars

Festival of Scholars 2023

French Program

From the course FREN 301: Contemporary French Society with Dr. Sophia Khadraoui-Fortune

  • Leah Derrick “The Power of Nostalgia to Fight Illiteracy”
  • Graciela Herrera “Trauma In the French Animated Fantasy Film I lost my Body
  • Kenzie Mac Gregor “Homelessness in France: Using Advertising to Promote Education and Awareness”
  • Maddie Roberts “Deconstructing Sexism in French Advertising”
  • Malcom Shroyer “The Duality of War: The Battle of  Điện Biên Phủ from a French Legionnaire Veteran’s Perspective”


German Program

From the course GERM: 312 Survey of German Literature with Dr. Walter Stewart

  • Leilani Horowitz "Rückenfiguren in Landscape Art and Poetry"


Spanish Program

From the course SPAN: 463 Women writers in Hispanic Literature with Dr. Rafaela Fiore-Urizar

  • Jonathan Leon “¿Quién es Mujer?: Inclusión de la Mujer Transgénero”

From the course SPAN 325: Spanish American Literature and Society with Dr. Laverne Seales

  • Carrollyne Aasen "Delmira Agustini's Adaption of the “Cupid and Psyche” Myth"

Festival of Scholars 2022

French Program

From the course FREN 301: Contemporary French Society  with Dr. Sophia Khadraoui-Fortune

  • James Drury - "Human vs. Humane: When the Difference Matters"
  • Kenzie Mac Gregor - "[In]Visible Racism in Lupin"
  • Chelsea Munoz - "The Hidden Meanings: Deconstructing a Public Service Announcement"
  • Shay Stelzner - "Advertising for Awareness"
  • Nico Zacharatos - "The Power of Perrier: How Perrier uses sensuality to enhance their ads"
Spanish Program

From the course SPAN 470: Film in Spanish with Dr. Rafaela Fiore-Urizar

  • Ofelia Duran - "La Autoridad Masculina en Te Doy Mis Ojos y El Laberinto del Fauno"
  • Oliver Lee - "Auto-Liberacion de los Espacios Patriarcales"
  • Anastasia Martinez - "El impacto de tener actores indigenas en Madeinusa"
  • Sarah Reeves - "La Venganza en Relatos Salvajes"

Festival of Scholars