Alcohol and Other Drugs

The Office of Education Abroad permits the responsible and legal use of alcohol and other drugs under certain conditions for Cal Lutheran students, staff, and faculty of legal age in their host country while on approved education abroad programs. To that end, it is the expectation that such alcohol and other drugs are consumed responsibly and with health and safety always in mind.

Any illegal use, misuse, or abuse of alcohol and other drugs is prohibited and participants are expected to adhere to the following stipulations:

  • All participants and their guests and visitors are subject to, and expected to abide by, all national and local laws and California Lutheran University standards of conduct governing alcohol and other drugs possession, consumption, and distribution. Students can find more information regarding the California Lutheran University standards of conduct in the Student Handbook; staff and faculty can refer to the Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace policy (HR 007).
  • Participants who are of legal age are permitted to consume alcohol and other legal drugs during free time on a program, with the exception of medical and recreational marijuana. Federal laws still prohibit marijuana use, possession, and/or cultivation at educational institutions and on the premises of other recipients of federal funds, including off-campus education abroad locations.
  • All participants are prohibited from consuming alcohol and other drugs during active program time unless that program contains aan academic activity that involves consumption (for example: a food and wine course).
  • Furnishing alcohol and other drugs to a person under the legal age while on a program is prohibited.
  • In a location where alcohol consumption is permitted, no person under legal age may be present.
  • No participant may miss a scheduled program event or detract from the academic environment because of the effects of alcohol and other drug consumption.
  • Public display of intoxication (for example: endangering the safety of oneself or others, unable to take care of yourself), drug-induced illness, or inappropriate behavior toward other individuals or towards property while intoxicated are prohibited.
  • Reckless alcohol and other drug abuse and encouraging reckless consumption are prohibited and may lead to disciplinary action and separation from a program. Extreme or repeated violations may result in dismissal from the University.
  • Any Participant who uses, buys, or sells illegal drugs will be separated from the program at their own expense.
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol and other drugs is prohibited.
  • Student violations of this policy will be referred to Student Conduct. In addition, violations of the Student Housing contract may lead to loss of University housing. Student separation from the program will result in loss of academic credit.
  • Staff and faculty violations of this policy will be referred to Human Resources.
  • The cost of legal advice, fines, and return travel must be borne by the violator.