Alcohol and Other Drugs

Foreign visitors in countries abroad are particularly vulnerable when it concerns violations – intentional or unintentional – of local rules and regulations regarding alcohol and, in particular, drugs. The process of law and punishment is far more arbitrary than within the United States and more often than not may lead to prolonged imprisonment under substandard conditions. Consequently, it is of utmost importance for the welfare of the individual that extreme caution and prudence be applied in these matters.

The use, purchase, or sale of drugs considered illegal in the United States and/or in the host country/countries (hallucinogens, narcotics, stimulants, or depressants) is a critical issue. The University policy on drugs and alcohol is also referenced in the Cal Lutheran Student Handbook. Any student who uses, buys, or sells illegal drugs will be expelled from the program and immediately returned to the United States at their own expense. Oneviolation will be cause for removal from the program.Separation from the program will result in loss of academic credit. The cost of legal advice, fines, and return-travel must be borne by the violator.

Responsible use of alcohol is when:

  1. A student abides by the laws of the country or state in which they are living and/or traveling.
  2. A student does not miss any scheduled event because of the effects of alcohol consumption.
  3. A student does not detract from the academic environment because of the effects of alcohol consumption.
  4. A student is not prevented from fully participating in and contributing to the academic environment.
  5. A student does not become ill due to the effects of alcohol consumption.
  6. A student does not engage in inappropriate behavior toward other individuals or towards property that is the result of alcohol consumption.
  7. A student does not engage in behavior that causes embarrassment to the other members of the group, the faculty member(s) or the in-country host(s) as a result of alcohol consumption.
  8. Students in a group do not facilitate/encourage or ignore a fellow student who is abusing alcohol.

Providing alcohol to persons under the legal drinking age is illegal and against Cal Lutheran policy.

Transporting quantities of alcohol to program sites with the intent of sharing the alcohol with members of the group is considered to be irresponsible use of alcohol.

Any write-ups or disciplinary issues while abroad will impact your judicial standing at Cal Lutheran.  Remember you are a representative of our University and of this office!

Students are encouraged to use good judgment if consuming alcohol at private homes or other accommodations during non-program hours. Student groups are encouraged to discuss issues related to alcohol abuse by other members of their group with the program supervisor/instructor.  If a student becomes incapacitated due to alcohol overuse, or if they need medical attention, others are strongly urged to contact emergency medical assistance, a faculty member, or a program site supervisor immediately, to protect the health and well-being of the affected student. The individual needing medical attention will not necessarily receive disciplinary sanction in these circumstances, but will first be referred for assistance to address issues of chemical use/abuse. The overriding concern is for the health and safety of the affected student.