Please note that all education abroad programs follow the standard Academic Policies of Cal Lutheran. We encourage you to review those policies in the Course Catalog before you apply for a program.

You may view our full policies on academic credit in the Participant Agreement.

Courses, Credits, and Grades

  • You must remain a full-time student (enrolled in a minimum of twelve credits) to participate in a semester program. You may enroll in variable credit amounts for summer and winter options.
  • Grades you earn count and factor into your cumulative GPA. Academic Services converts grades from academic rubrics at other institutions to match Cal Lutheran's grading system. You must transfer back your full course load from your program, even if you withdraw or do not pass a given course. You cannot appeal any grade you receive from your program. There are no exceptions. 
  • Course availability and enrollment is never guaranteed. We recommend that you plan for alternative course options in the event your first-choice courses are not available.
  • As part of your application process, you will complete a Course Approval Form that allows Cal Lutheran to transfer your coursework onto your Cal Lutheran transcript. A faculty evaluator will approve courses only for the Cal Lutheran requirements and units that they deem appropriate.
  • Academic Services will verify a course's credits once they receive a transcript or grade report for my program. Please note that a three-credit course may or may not come back to Cal Lutheran as a four-credit course; Cal Lutheran faculty and Academic Services ultimately decide how many units you may receive for a given course.
  • You may not take a course abroad as Pass/No Pass unless it is an internship course designated as such in the Cal Lutheran course catalog. All other courses must be taken for a letter grade.
  • If you need to withdraw from a class, you will need to follow the deadlines and policies of the program/host institution and be aware of any financial consequences.

Enrollment Confirmation

Once you login to your student portal, you will need to navigate to WebAdvisor.

Select "Enrollment Confirmation" under the Academic Profile section. You should choose "I will be here" and agree to the Standards of Conduct. This is only necessary if you are away during the fall or spring semester (this process does not apply to summer programs).


To receive credit for an internship, the experience must be part of a graded course listed on the transcript from the program. Before you leave Cal Lutheran, you must have approval for that internship credit from an academic department faculty evaluator.

Registration for Future Semesters

  • Follow the standard instructions to register for your classes at Cal Lutheran.  Remember that your designated registration time will be in Pacific Time.
  • We encourage you to plan ahead! If you want to indicate your desire to join an education abroad program in a future semester, please work with your Student Success Counselor to add an "Intent" for Education Abroad placeholder (CLUP-INTENT-01 for zero credits) on your registration for that term. We advise that you also enroll in classes on-campus for that term as backup options in the event you change your mind.
  • If you have any issues with registering for Cal Lutheran courses through WebAdvisor, email the Academic Services at

Transcripts and Grade Conversion

  • After your program ends, your host program will email or mail transcripts to OEA. Please note that the process can take up to three months. Please contact your host program if you have questions about the timeline of grade release.
  • If your program can only be mailed, please ask your host program to send them to the following address:

c/o Dr. Matthew Yates
Office of Education Abroad, Center for Global Engagement
California Lutheran University
60 W. Olsen Road, #6400
Thousand Oaks, CA 91306, U.S.

  • OEA will verify your transcripts and send them to Academic Services, who will then use your Course Approval Forms to convert your grades and units.