How to Register for Courses

Register for the entire academic year

With "Academic Year Registration" traditional undergraduate students will now be able to register for Fall 2024, Spring 2025 and Summer 2025 at the same time. This new registration process will let you:

  • Plan ahead for the classes you need for the entire academic year
  • Secure your schedule for Fall, Spring and Summer at the same time.
  • Register now; pay later — tuition for future semesters will not be due any earlier!

Are you a new, incoming first-year student? Read these FAQs to learn about your course schedule.

How to register for courses

  1. Look at the course schedule
    Review the courses being offered for future semesters through Self Service in MyCLU.
  2. Check in with your Student Success Counselor and Faculty Mentor
    Reach out by booking an appointment, sending an email, or attend registration events to review and discuss course options. Find your Student Success Counselor
  3. Clear any registration holds you may have
    Clear any holds placed on your records by Student Accounts and/or Health Services.
  4. Independent Study and Internships
    If you plan to register for an Independent Study or Internship, fill out the necessary forms. Independent Study and Tutorial forms are available at Academic Services Office, and Internship forms are available at the Career Center.
  5. Register your courses
    At your scheduled registration time, use Student Planning in Self Service to register for your courses. You may register at your scheduled time or any time after. If you encounter difficulties, you may either come to the Academic Service Office during normal business hours or attend the Registration Lab for assistance.
  6. Confirm your registration
    Verify that you have received the confirmation email which is sent to your Cal Lutheran e-mail account (


1. What is Academic Year Registration?
Allows degree seeking students to register for an entire academic year at one time.

2. Do I have to register for all the terms at one time?
No, you are not required to register for all semesters. You can register for any of the open semesters you choose.

3. Can students register for any term or do I have to register for fall first, spring second and then summer? 
Though not required, registering for the semesters in order is highly recommended as it will allow you to meet any pre-requisite requirements needed for a later semester.

4. How can I change my class schedule in advance?
You can drop and add courses for any semester until the deadlines posted in the academic calendar. You are strongly advised to consult with your Student Success Counselor prior to making adjustments to your schedule.

5. Do I have to pay for all the semesters at once?
No, a student does not have to pay for all semesters at once. Balances must be paid in full per University policy by the end of each semester in order to move forward unless you have an automatic payment plan without any issues or are in discussions with Student Accounts.

6. When will I have to pay for each term?
Each semester has a separate payment deadline.  Students are held to university policy regarding payment.  You can view payment policies and due dates on the Student Accounts website.

7. When will I receive my financial aid?
Financial aid disbursement will continue to begin 10 days after the start of each semester. Please visit the Financial Aid section in Self Service to see specific details for your account.

8. What happens if I drop a class that is a pre-requisite for a course for which I registered for a future semester?
Students who do not meet all of the pre-requisites for a course may be administratively dropped. You will receive an email from notifying you of the administrative drop. Your Student Success Counselor will be available if you need assistance finding an alternative course.

9. Can I place myself on a course waitlist for any semester?

10. I have a hold on my account. How will this affect my ability to register for semesters?
Student with holds preventing registration will be blocked from registering for any semester until the hold is resolved.

11. What is a registration time?
A registration appointment time is the starting date and time that you are eligible to begin registering in Self Service. You will be notified via email when your registration time is available. Students should meet with their Student Success Counselor to discuss course schedules before registration.

12. Do I need to see my Student Success Counselor every semester?
You are strongly encouraged to seek advising every semester.  Your Student Success Counselor and Faculty Mentor are a team that helps assure that you are still on track for your degree plan and future goals. This is also an opportunity to discuss your current classes.

13. When is the last day to change my schedule for each semester?
The last day to add or drop classes will vary depending on the semester. Please see the academic calendar for exact dates for each term.