Core-21 General Education

For students who started at Cal Lutheran before Fall 2023.

Core-21 is the backbone of your education. It will prepare you to adapt to the rapid changes of the 21st century — making it your biggest competitive advantage.

What is Core-21?

Cal Lutheran's general education requirements are the true strength of your degree. Some will overlap with courses in your major, while others will expose you to different areas of study.

Combined with the courses in your chosen major, you'll get a solid, well-rounded education that will help prepare you for whatever the future holds.

Ready to start planning?


  • Writing

  • Speaking

  • Foreign Language

  • Mathematics

  • Humanities

  • Social Sciences

  • Natural Sciences

  • Visual &
    Performing Arts

  • Health &

Cultures & Civilizations
  • Global

  • U.S. Diversity

The Core-21 Advantage

Effectively communicate your ideas

Most employers are looking for great communicators. Writing- and speaking-intensive Core-21 courses will sharpen these skills, making you a stronger candidate as you pursue your career. 

Be a better problem solver

Core-21 complements and enhances the expertise of your major. The future hold big challenges — to solve them, you’ll need to see connections where others don’t. By applying knowledge from outside your major, you’ll be able to approach issues from multiple perspectives.

Future-proof your degree

Acquiring broad knowledge now allows you to be a more adaptive learner down the road. Instead of becoming obsolete, you’ll have the skills and tools you’ll need to stay ahead of the curve.