Application & Commitment

Application Process

  1. Begin a Cal Lutheran OEA application for a specific program from our approved Programs list.
  2. Begin a host program application. Note that these processes vary from program to program. Cal Lutheran must approve your OEA application before they will provide home school authorization to your host program.
  3. OEA will review your OEA application after the deadline passes.
    1. If your application is not approved, OEA staff will work with you on potential alternatives.
    2. If your application is approved, OEA staff will provide you further information on pre-departure orientation.

Selection Criteria

Please note that Cal Lutheran cannot guarantee acceptance for any program. We can only nominate and approve a limited number of students given our agreements with host programs. As a result, OEA uses the following criteria in order to evaluate which students it can nominate:

  1. Academic and professional relevance: OEA weighs carefully which students may benefit most academically and professionally in a given program, which we consider by far the most important factor in selecting nominees. A student's major, minor(s), and application essays help OEA determine such relevance.
  2. Quality of application essays: Students who take the essays in their application more seriously give OEA greater confidence that they will make the most of their experience.
  3. Seniority and anticipated graduation date: Juniors and seniors have fewer opportunities to join a program than freshmen and sophomores, so OEA prioritizes students who are closer to their anticipated graduation date.
  4. GPA and previous coursework: While grades are a factor, they do not affect chances for nomination as much as those criteria above. OEA wants to ensure as much as possible that students are academically successful.

GPA Appeal Process

If your GPA is below 2.80, and if your host program still will consider your application, OEA may request additional information as part of a GPA Appeal. Please note that the OEA Director ultimately will determine if your appeal is successful. If you wish to pursue an appeal, please prepare the following materials:

  • Contact information (email addresses and phone numbers) for two Cal Lutheran professors who can speak to your academic work ethic
  • A statement of purpose (one page), that outlines why you believe your selected program will help you remain academically successful and on path toward graduation

Acceptance and Commitment

If OEA accepts you into a program, they will provide you with an Acceptance Letter and further instructions. You'll have about one week to commit formally to the program.

Once you commit to your OEA application, you are bound by the terms of the Participant Agreement and all relevant Cal Lutheran policies. If you withdraw from your program, you may incur cancellation fees.

You must complete the mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation process and complete a trip in the Travel Registry before your program begins.