Graduate Writing Support

This page has specific information and resources for graduate students to use in order to utilize all the resources The Writing Center has to offer you. We help with any form of writing at any stage of the writing process, so feel free to contact us and ask how we can help you!

In-Person Consultations

We offer synchronistic, one-on-one tutoring at The Writing Center where we’ll discuss any piece of writing at any stage of the writing process. To make appointments, please click here: Make an Appointment

Online Consultations

The Writing Center offers online consultations for students who work during Writing Center hours or prefer remote assistance. Clients can communicate with a Writing Consultant through chat, video in app, or Zoom. For more information on how to make an online appointment or to learn about distance learning options, please click here: Online Appointments

Group Consultations

We offer group consultations for group projects. One group member makes an appointment and all members attend the session. We will only discuss work of students present at the session.

* Additional Appointments *

Graduate students can request more than four hours per week if they are working on longer projects. To add more appointments, please email the Assistant Director Rona Koe at with the subject line “Additional Graduate Appointment Request”.  In the email, state that your graduate student status, additional number of hours requested, and preferred times and dates for appointments.

Writing Groups and Studios
Writing Groups

Graduate writing groups are open to all Cal Lutheran graduate students. There are normally 3 to 5 people in each group based on the programs the students are in — education, management, pyschology, etc. Students may come to The Writing Center with a group already assembled or they may send individual requests through email to be placed in a writing group.

For more information about Graduate Writing Groups, please contact The Writing Center at

Writing Studios

A Writer’s Studio is a sequence of six consultation sessions with the same writing consultant. It is designed for graduate writers and Bachelor's Degree for Professionals students working on large-scale writing projects, for multi-lingual writers, and for writers who seek time management support with long-term writing projects.

The Write’s Studio can be scheduled from the following options:

  • semi-weekly (twice per week for three weeks)
  • weekly (once per week for six weeks)     
  • bi-weekly (once every other week for twelve weeks)    

The Writer’s Studio option offers a guaranteed set of appointments with one writing consultant to provide continuity and facilitate language acquisition and/or guidance throughout the overall writing process. 

To request a Writer’s Studio, email Assistant Director Rona Koe ( 

Thesis & Dissertation Assistance
Henri Mondschein, MLS, Ed.D.  of the Pearson Library collaborates with The Writing Center and provides support to graduate students in these specific areas:
  • Literature reviews (Researching the literature, structuring the literature review)
  • Assistance with scholarly writing style
  • Manuscript review for APA style and Cal Lutheran formatting requirements
  • Light editing


Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
  • What if I can’t come into the center? 

The Writing Center offers online appointments! Clients can also communicate through online chat options, video, or Zoom. For more information, go to this link:

  •  Can I request a graduate tutor or a specialized consultant in my discipline?

You can choose your tutor, but depending on the staff at the time, a graduate or professional tutor may not be available. You can look over the Meet Our Staff page if you’d like more information on the current tutors. We try to have a variety of tutors in different disciplines, but all tutors are qualified and trained to provide feedback in writing skills and your writing process.

  •  What if I need more than two hours?

Graduate students can request additional hours per week. Email the Assistant Director Rona Koe at with the subject line “Graduate Hours Request”.  State that you’re a graduate student requesting additional hours and you can include the time and dates you’d prefer.

  •  How do I get Proof of Attendance?

Upon request, students who require Proof of Attendance will be given a stamp on their paper or on the Proof of Attendance Form at the end of their consultation session. Students 15+ minutes late to an appointment will not receive proof of attendance. For online appointments, students can pick up proof of attendance the next time they are in the Writing Center; just ask any consultant.

  • Can I make a group appointment?

Yes! One group member makes an appointment and all members attend the session. We will only discuss work of students present at the session.

Graduate School of Education
  • What if I cannot come into The Writing Center during work hours?

We offer online consultations and a few Sunday hours if you cannot make it on campus. For more information on online consultations, go to this link:

  • What type of writing assignments can The Writing Center help me with?

We provide feedback on any writing assignment at any stage of the writing process. Clients can bring in papers, resumes, presentations, reflective writing, personal writing projects, etc.

  •  Can I get feedback on reflective writing/observations?

Yes, we can help with the content, use of professional/formal language, and clarity of reflection based writing.

  •  Which citation style do I use for my discipline?

Typically, the education discipline uses MLA or APA format, but ask your professor what he/she requires. For more information on MLA and APA formatting and citations, go to this link:

Graduate School of Psychology
  • Is The Writing Center able to help me with a long paper (15+ pages)?

Yes we can!  However, we will not be able to go through the entire paper in one session. So you can make multiple appointments with one consultant or set a Writing Studio with our Assistant Director Rona Koe (

  •  May I submit my thesis/dissertation for proofreading?

No, you must make a synchronous appointment where we will give global and local feedback only. For more information about finding an editor, check out the this page: or contact Librarian Henri Mondschein (

  • Does The Writing Center assist with Literature Reviews?

Yes. We can provide feedback on the content and format of your literature review. We also have handouts on different writing genres on our website.

School of Management
  • Can I get Proof of Attendance for workshops?

Yes. Once you sign-in for the workshop you can request a stamp as proof of attendance at the end of the workshop. However, if you are 15+ minutes late we will not provide proof of attendance.

  •  Can I get feedback on my presentation?

Yes. The Writing Center can help with content and delivery of presentations.

  • Can my classmate and I make an appointment together?

No, students who are working on individual papers need to make an individual appointment. If it’s a group assignment, then one person can make a group appointment and include the names of the people joining that appointment.

  •  Which citation style do I use for my discipline?

Typically, business disciplines APA format, but ask your professor what he/she requires. For more information on MLA and APA formatting and citations, go to this link:

Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary (PLTS)
  • Are there WC services available for me?

Yes, however, they are online consultations only. On our website you can find useful handouts on different writing skills, links to other websites, and you can make an online appointment with The Writing Center.

  • Can I get feedback on my presentations/speeches?

Yes, The Writing Center can help with content and delivery of speeches. During the online appointment clients can communicate through chat, video, or Zoom upon request. For more information, go to this link:

  •  Can I get help with Chicago Manual Style citations?

Yes, the consultants can help with Chicago formatting. For more information on CMS formatting and citations, go to this link:

For more information, contact The Writing Center at or 805-493-3257.

Para información en Español, haz clic aqui.