Finding Purpose the Japanese Way — IKIGAI for Leaders

Forward Together Webinar Series

Finding Purpose the Japanese Way — IKIGAI for Leaders

In this webinar, Frank Brueck, author of IKIGAI for Leaders and Organisations — the Way to Individual and Collective Purpose and Meaning, will present how you can have a working life that is enjoyable, meaningful and successful, all at the same time.

Join in to learn:

  • What IKIGAI means for leaders
  • 4 main dimensions of IKIGAI
  • How to develop your own IKIGAI
  • How to integrate “what the world weeds” into what you do
  • How to apply at the organizational level

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This is part of the School of Management Forward Together webinar series, which brings interesting topics and people to our global community of students, alumni and leaders in business and government to empower, educate and inspire. Each webinar brings experts from industry to our community with the purpose of sparking thought, connecting people and stimulating engaging discussions.


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