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Planning to Plan: Strategic Planning Preparation

Planning to Plan: Strategic Planning Preparation

The phrase “strategic planning” can spark fear and frustration with executive directors and boards of directors, but the process and product can be empowering for organizations that take the time to prepare before diving in. This workshop explores the transformational value of formalizing a strategic plan. The course inter-weaves case examples and exercises to give participants a practical understanding of how to apply their learning to situations in their own organizations.

Participants in the workshop will learn:

  • Reasons to develop a strategic plan and ideal timing to launch the process
  • Important steps in the strategic planning process and how to adapt them based on organizational needs
  • Who to include in the strategic planning process, how to engage them, and key roles and responsibilities
  • Core elements of a strategic plan deliverable
  • How to communicate the strategic plan to stakeholders and make it relevant on a day-to-day basis
  • How to bridge from a strategic plan into annual operating planning
  • Strategies to track progress during the strategic plan’s lifecycle

The session will include ample time for discussion and interactive exercises. Participants will leave with concrete next steps in strategic planning for their organizations.

Facilitated by Jennifer Lobenhofer whose passion is enhancing nonprofit agencies’ capacity to fulfill their missions and maximize their social impact.

The instructor will also host office hours via Zoom from 11 a.m. to Noon on Friday, March 24.

There is no fee for CNL Members, $55 for non-members.

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