First Year Experience

The First Year Experience (FYE) at California Lutheran University is to facilitate the transition of new students into the university life of independent learning and independent living, the transition into campus life that fosters academic excellence, and the transition to adulthood. The first year initiates the student's journey of integrating into his/her own life the intellectual, cultural, and social climates of the University.

The First Year Experience is centered on these two objectives:

  1. Help students successfully transition to University life, including reflecting on their vocations and building skills that aid college success.
  2. Help students build relationships and community at CLU, including connecting as a seminar group and to other groups on campus.

Freshman Seminar

During the semester the FYE continues with the Freshman Seminar. When you get your schedule of classes for your first semester at CLU, you will notice that you are in a course called "UNIV 101 - The Freshman Seminar." This is a semester-long course that is required for all first year students and is taught by your Mentor Team. You will be assigned to this class with about 18 other first year students. Additionally, you will spend a good portion of the four-day New Student Orientation program with this same small group of your peers.

Freshman Seminar meets every Tuesday 11:25-12:15 during the Fall Semester.