Registration Information

For the complete registration policies and guidelines, check the Course Catalog.

Course Load

Requirements for graduation are measured in terms of semester credit hours. Normally, each credit hour earned will require one hour of class time per week for 15 weeks during the semester. Students spend two to three hours in preparation for one hour of class time. Most courses are assigned four (4) or three (3) credits. A full-time undergraduate student is one who carries 12 or more credits per semester. (Refer to the Adult Degree Evening Program catalog for enrollment regulations applicable to Adult Degree Evening Program students.) A typical semester load is 15 to 16 credits. Special permission is necessary to carry a load of more than 18 credits per semester. A fee will be charged for each credit beyond 18. (See section on University Costs.)

Registration Procedures

Students must register in person prior to the beginning of each semester. Registration procedures are outlined in the class schedule bulletins which are available in the Registrar's Office. To be officially enrolled in class, a student must have his/her program approved by his/her advisor, have his/her financial standing cleared by the Business Office, and submit the signed registration form to the Registrar's Office.

Schedule Changes

Students may add courses during the first two weeks of the semester with the approval of their Instructors. Students may not add courses after the second week of the semester.