Using WebAdvisor

WebAdvisor is a collection of tools related to academics and academic services, including:

  • Change your address (User Account)
  • Find out about financial aid package, accept/reject your awards, and review any important documentation (Financial Aid)
  • Search/register for classes for next semester by clicking Search or Register for Sections (Registration)
  • Create your 4-year plan by clicking Student Planning (Academic Planning)
  • Complete MANDATORY Enrollment Confirmation EVERY SEMESTER (Academic Profile)
  • Get your Grades, Class Schedule, or submit an Enrollment Verification Request (Academic Profile)
  • Find out how much tuition you owe by clicking on CLUpay (Student Accounts)
  • Review Pay Advices and submit your Time Entry (Student Payroll)

Go to WebAdvisor

How to Access WebAdvisor from MyCLU

  1. Sign in to the MyCLU portal. Using this portal you can access your university email account, research resources, Blackboard courses, student planning software, and more.
  2. Click on the WebAdvisor tab at the top
  3. Then click on the Students menu.