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Echoes of History | Janet Neuwalder

Exhibition: "Contemporary Fossils Responding to the Japanese Internment in the United States and Holocaust Displacement"

Echoes of History | Janet Neuwalder

Janet Neuwalder, senior adjunct faculty member in the Art Department, presents a collection of memorial-like installations responding to the U.S. Japanese incarceration and Holocaust displacement. By manipulating clay, Neuwalder sculpts interconnected blossoms of shells, evocative topographic cityscapes, delicate porcelain shoes and other items.

This body of work emanates from a profound personal connection to the subject matter. Reflecting on her mother's incarceration in the Japanese American camp Topaz in the Utah desert, and her father's history of Holocaust displacement, Neuwalder intertwines the threads of history with the resilient essence of the human spirit.

In tandem with the exhibition, a series of student and community responses, as well as workshops, will foster an environment of dialogue and exploration.

Photo: “Shikata Ga Nai/It Cannot Be Helped,” by Janet Neuwalder, 2023, porcelain clay

Join us for the gallery reception on Thursday, Sept. 7, from 5:30-7 p.m.


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