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How to Manage the Full-Time Job of Fundraising

This Week at Hub101

How to Manage the Full-Time Job of Fundraising

Startup fundraising quickly becomes a full-time job, squeezing a founder’s time for what is typically their full-time job. Trying to run your startup per usual often leads to overwhelm, stress and burnout. There is an art and a science to fundraising; you must know how to use both to build relationships, deliver value, and keep pushing.

In this free workshop, learn strategies and tools to manage the fundraising process, including various resources to manage relationships, documents and the flow of fundraising from the initial cold outreach to a wire confirmation of money in the bank. And everything in between!

Everyone is welcome. This workshop is part of This Week at Hub101, a series of free, weekly, interactive workshops open to students, Hub101 members, and the broader community to learn, collaborate, and create.

Facilitator: Anthony Gonzales 

Registration is required.


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