Ukraine: Cultural Heritage Under Siege

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Ukraine: Cultural Heritage Under Siege

There is no excuse to say we did not know…we cannot turn a blind eye…we cannot fall back on a lack of knowing, as was done in WWII.

The world is watching the terror of war unfold upon the Ukrainian people and the destruction of Ukrainian Cultural Heritage continue on a daily basis.

In this lecture, learn about the seven UNESCO World Heritage sites that exist in the Ukraine, their importance and what is jeopardized by the Russian invasion.

We will look at what has been destroyed, what is being documented and what is being done by the art world to assist in preserving the Ukrainian Culture at this moment.

Christine Maasdam holds a Master in Humanities and a B.A. in Cultural Geography. Her art studies include The Courtauld Institute of Art in London, The Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center in D.C. and Post Graduate studies in Antiquities Trafficking and Art Crime at the University of Glasgow. Maasdam is a member of the International Foundation for Cultural Property Protection and holds a certificate from Trident Manor on Protection of Cultural Venues. Christine received Sotheby’s certification on Determining Value: An Appraiser’s Perspective. She has spent over a decade as a LACMA docent.

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