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Molecular Biology: Important Historical Discoveries and Tools

Fifty and Better FABulous Summer Lecture Series

Molecular Biology: Important Historical Discoveries and Tools

Molecular Biology continues to provide some of the most important discoveries in science. So many questions are yet to be answered regarding the inner workings of our cells. In pursuit of the answers, scientists have devised intriguing tools and fascinating experiments. This lecture will explore some of the discoveries that have driven the field forward.

We will explore some of the answers and explanations to questions such as:

  • How did we determine that DNA is the main genetic material making up the building blocks of our cells?
  • What is PCR?
  • What does ‘gene cloning’ mean?
  • What was actually injected into my arm during my COVID vaccine?

In a time when scientific terms are utilized on a daily basis, these questions are important to ask. Wesley Tierney is a PhD candidate in Neuroscience at Arizona State University. He studies the mechanisms of Herpes Simplex Virus infection of neurons. Tierney has worked in various research labs for seven years ranging from social psychology, entomology, regenerative medicine, virology, and neuroscience.   

Registration is required. Each independent, 2-hour lecture is $10.

Fifty and Better was designed to offer university-level courses and lectures (no tests, no homework) taught by experts in the field, and to host social engagement activities for people age 50 and older. All two-hour lectures in the FABulous Summer Lecture Series are open to all ages.




Register by Aug. 15 by 3 p.m.

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