Annual Report



As a former Cal Lutheran student, I am proud of where my alma mater is today and more importantly the plans we have for the future. The university has grown and developed tremendously, embracing a vast range of students, professors, programs, opportunities and experiences. Diversity is very evident at Cal Lutheran where different points of view, collaboration and healthy debates are encouraged and respected.

Just like the students, faculty and staff at Cal Lutheran, the university’s Board of Regents is a dynamic group made up of people of varied backgrounds, faiths, careers and experiences, who are at different places in their lives. Yet we all share a common objective: to support Cal Lutheran in its goals to educate students and help them discover their purpose.

When we Regents meet, there is discussion, thoughtful deliberation, enthusiasm, and most of all, appreciation for what we each bring to the table. Throughout our conversation, there is the underlying mindfulness among the Regents to ensure that our decisions are in the best interest of students. It is an inspiring process undertaken by a dedicated, hard-working team, and I am honored to be among them.

I am grateful for the outstanding leaders with whom I serve on the Board of Regents, and am excited about the advancements that we are making and those we are working toward. Thank you to all who support Cal Lutheran and may the coming year be a fulfilling one for all of us.

Best wishes,

Susan Lundeen-SmuckSig
Susan Lundeen-Smuck
Chair, Board of Regents

At California Lutheran University, all are welcome.  This is one of our most essential values, and the abundant diversity among our students, faculty and staff reflects that deeply held point of view.  At Cal Lutheran, regardless of culture, background, language, belief, identity, faith, or interest, there is room at the table for everyone.

In fact, the Room at the Table University Chapel theme of 2015-2016 was examined, contemplated and presented in an array of thoughtful homilies offered weekly by speakers from every corner of our campus community.  This tradition allows us to come to know and understand one another, linking us in friendship as well as through education and scholarship. 

“Room at the Table” was also embraced by every other aspect of the university.  For example, I am delighted to report that we welcomed our largest and most diverse student body, hailing from 24 states and 43 countries and bringing with them national and global perspectives that enriched our community.  We met the wide-ranging needs of these constituents with exciting resources, programs, and facilities that allow us to offer an excellent education in a caring and vibrant atmosphere.

Having a variety of people at the table enhances all of our lives.  Sharing thoughts, ideas, and talents results in a beneficial experience for everyone.  I look forward to us continuing to gather together at the table to learn from one another in the coming year.

Thank you for joining us “at the table” through your interest and support of Cal Lutheran.


Chris Kimball


Chris Kimball

At Cal Lutheran, our dedicated and accomplished faculty works with small classes of undergraduate and graduate students who are open-minded — about ideas, about people, and about faith — and are seeking to grow as individuals while they pursue their passions and discover their purpose.

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The Year In Review
Progress Report

In May 2012, California Lutheran University’s Board of Regents approved a Five-Year Strategic Plan comprised of five overall goals in support of our mission. Each year, members of the senior leadership develop annual goals in order to support these Five-Year Plan goals. Below you will see our five overall goals and a sampling of efforts completed or achievements related to them during the 2015-2016 fiscal and academic year.


Guide students to discover and live their purpose with real-world learning experiences, excellent academic and career mentoring, and a campus environment that promotes inclusion.




Continue to set high institutional academic standards with distinguished faculty who embody and embrace diversity and with widely respected academic programs.


Support student achievement across all programs with equitable treatment for all students, by enhancing student services, and by utilizing the most pedagogically appropriate delivery methods for student learning.


Build and modernize sustainable facilities for an environment that sustains social, cultural and intellectual activity while respecting and protecting the planet.


Attract students of high ideals and promise by enhancing regional and national awareness of CLU’s mission, by raising the profiles of students who are drawn to our mission, and by offering new programs and scholarships to attract these students.

By the Numbers

Financial Report 2015-2016

California Lutheran University did well financially during the fiscal year ending May 31, 2016. Total institutional assets decreased to $315.5 million, down from $315.6 million in the previous year. Net assets (total assets less liabilities) increased to $228.6 million, up from $225.3 million, due to operating gains.

Revenues and Expenses

Due to good operating performance and investment returns, revenue exceeded expenses by $3.3 million. Total revenues and gains are $112.3 million, down from $116.8 million in the previous fiscal year primarily due to higher investment returns in the endowment in the prior year. Operating revenue increased to $110.1 million from $109.5 million in the prior year, while non-operating revenue was down to $3.3 million from $7.3 million in the prior year primarily due to the fluctuations in the value of the endowment.

Net tuition revenues in 2015-2016held steady at $77.0 millionto the previous year. (All of the revenue figures above are net calculations. They do not count tuition covered by institutional scholarships and grants: $44.6 million in 2015-2016 and $40.9 million in 2014-2015.)

Expenses increased to $109.0 million for the fiscal year, up from $106.8 million.

Balance Sheet

Total assets remained the same, liabilities decreased by $3.3 million, and net assets increased by $3.3 million. Cash increased to $55.9 million, from $52.6 million.

Contributions receivable decreased to $7.0 million, from $7.5 million. During the year, the value of Cal Lutheran’s endowment decreased by $0.3 million to $92.6 million.

The endowment fund helps to ensure the University’s long-term financial health and stability and to provide an affordable education, including scholarships and grants, for current and future generations of students. Donors’ gifts are invested in perpetuity with a portion of the income available for university needs and the remainder reinvested to maintain future buying power.

Our property, plant and equipment decreased to $135.1 million, from $136.2 million in the previous year, primarily due to depreciation.

Donor Contributions

Donor contributions are a significant factor in the continued financial strengthening of Cal Lutheran. Charitable giving during the period consisted of 23,206 gifts and pledges from 10,689 donors, including alumni, parents of students and alumni, friends, churches, corporations, foundations and other organizations. A breakdown of gifts and pledges as recorded in the audited 2015-2016 fiscal report includes:

Unrestricted Gifts
CLU Annual Fund $1,358,000
Church $827,000
KCLU Radio $2,009,000
Restricted Gifts
(capital, endowment, scholarship, etc.) $6,065,000
Grand Total $10,259,000

We are grateful to all of our 2015-2016 donors for sharing in Cal Lutheran’s mission and success. For additional information about our audited financial statements, please visit Office of the President’s website.






Thank You

All of this would not be possible without the generous support of our alumni, family and friends around the world. With your gifts to Cal Lutheran, you help drive our mission to prepare leaders for a global society. Your support means improved facilities, a world-class faculty, and most important, opportunities for our students to discover their purpose. Thank you.

Below find a list of all those who generously supported Cal Lutheran during its 2015-2016 fiscal year divided into our Honor Roll, new members of the Orville Dahl Society, Gifts-in-Kind, and Matching Partners.

University Advancement makes its best efforts to provide complete and accurate information for its Honor Roll listing. If you find any inadvertant errors or omissions, please notify Advancement at 805-493-3160 or

Thank you.

In Memoriam
leaf Oak Tree Society (Donors to the CLU Annual Fund for three or more years consecutively)
Donor to Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary

  • 5th Quarter Football Club
  • A.K.T. American Capital Corporation
  • AA Ranch
  • Dr. Norman and Mrs. Margaret Aarestad
  • Mr. Manoharan and Mrs. Rani Aaron
  • Mr. and Mrs. J. Edward Aas
  • Ms. Elaine Abarta
  • Ms. Nakiessa Abbassi
  • Mrs. Kathryn B. Abbott '78
  • Mr. Richard G. Abbott '84
  • Ms. Yasmine Abdallat
  • Ms. Alexis M. Abeytia '16
  • Mrs. Kim Abrahamson
  • Ms. Delores Abramson
  • Mr. Jack and Mrs. Albena Acampora
  • Mr. Jack Acampora
  • Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Suzanne Acampora
  • Mr. Juan and Mrs. Andrea '01 Acosta
  • Ms. Kristen M. Acosta '16
  • Ms. Jordyn K. Adachi '16
  • Mr. Steve and Mrs. Karla Adachi leaf
  • Mr. Henry and Mrs. Meline '74 Adalian leaf
  • Ms. Amanda E. Adams '16
  • Mr. David and Mrs. Stacey '02 Adams leaf
  • Mr. Erik and Mrs. Stacy Adams
  • Mr. Scott and Mrs. Lynda Adelson
  • Rev. Dr. Charles '71 and Mrs. Nancy Aden
  • Ms. Hasmik J. Adetyan '16
  • Mr. Ousep and Mrs. Margarit Adetyan
  • Mr. Michael and Mrs. Lora Adler
  • Mr. Dale M. Adrion '87
  • Advent Lutheran Church (Citrus Heights, CA)
  • Mr. Gabi and Rev. Meghan '01 Aelabouni
  • Aerojet Rocketdyne Foundation
  • Aetna Foundation, Inc.
  • Ms. Nia C. Aglipay '16
  • Ms. Emma Aguilar leaf
  • Ms. Samantha Skore
  • Mr. Armando and Mrs. Patricia '03 Aguirre
  • Mr. Michael and Mrs. Janice Ahlering
  • Ms. Nicole R. Ahlering '16
  • Mr. John and Mrs. Barbara '04 Ahlman
  • Mr. John and Mrs. Barbara Ahlquist
  • The Ahmanson Foundation
  • Mr. Brian and Mrs. Janice Akahiji leaf
  • Mrs. Penny L. Akashi '75
  • Dr. Alireza and Mrs. Terri Akbari leaf
  • Ms. Jeri M. Alacano '83
  • Mr. Peter '83 and Mrs. Tina Alamar leaf
  • Alaska Synod - ELCA
  • Ms. Mary Albee
  • Ms. Allison Albert
  • Mr. Mark and Mrs. Yasong Albert leaf
  • Mrs. Josefina M. Albornoz leaf
  • Mr. Gustavo A. Aldana '01 and Mrs. Kristin C. Aldana-Taday
  • Mr. Jose and Mrs. Guadalupe Aldana leaf
  • Mr. Daniel A. Aldrete '16
  • Mr. Conrad N. Aleks '14
  • Ms. Candice V. Alexander '16
  • Mr. James L. Stanton and Mrs. Cathy D. Alexander '00 leaf
  • Mrs. Leslie Alexander
  • Ms. Pamela C. Alexander '80 leaf
  • Mr. Abdullah I. Alkhuzayem '16
  • All Saints Lutheran Church (Phoenix, AZ)
  • All Saints Lutheran Church (Novato, CA)
  • Mr. Faisal Allahyani
  • Mr. Robert and Mrs. Linda Allard
  • Rev. John and Mrs. Beverly Allen
  • Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Elizabeth Allen
  • Mr. Connor C. Allen '16
  • Mr. David and Mrs. Patricia '74 Allen leaf
  • Mr. Willy R. Allen and Mrs. Pamela Davis
  • Ms. Lisa A. Allison '87
  • Mrs. Susan L. Allison '03
  • Mr. Michael and Mrs. Laura Almquist leaf
  • Ms. Brandy Alonzo-Mayland
  • Alpern Consulting, Inc.
  • Ms. Angelica Alvarez
  • Mr. Andrew Alwin leaf
  • Mr. David and Mrs. Annie Alwin leaf
  • Mr. William and Mrs. Jean Amador leaf
  • Amateur Baseball Development Group, Inc.
  • Ms. Courtney L. Ambrosius '15
  • American Lutheran Church (Turner, MT)
  • American Lutheran Church (Sun City, AZ)
  • American Lutheran Church (Woodland, CA)
  • Dr. Steven and Mrs. Carol Ames
  • Mrs. Krystle A. Amezcua '04 leaf
  • Amgen, Inc.
  • Mrs. Emily Amilhussin
  • Ms. Bernadette Amos
  • Ms. Lauren A. Amundson '10 leaf
  • Ms. Jessica A. Amzoll '07 leaf
  • Dr. Gary and Mrs. Patricia Andeen
  • Mr. Roy W. and Mrs. Lucille Anderberg
  • Rev. Carl '68 and Mrs. Penny Andersen leaf
  • Mrs. Donna J. Andersen '68 leaf
  • Ms. Karen Andersen
  • Rev. Robert Andersen
  • Ms. Ruth Andersen leaf
  • Ms. Alyssa Anderson
  • Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Bernita Anderson
  • Bishop Emeritus J. Roger and Mrs. Beverly Anderson leaf
  • Mr. Douglas '76 and Mrs. Carol '79 Anderson leaf
  • Dr. Phillip and Mrs. Gayle '88 Anderson leaf
  • Mr. Robert and Mrs. Gaylene Anderson leaf
  • Mr. Gaylin and Mrs. Teresa Anderson leaf
  • Mr. Gerald '65 and Mrs. Barbara Anderson
  • Rev. James and Mrs. Diane Anderson
  • Ms. Jennifer Anderson
  • Rev. Jonathan and Mrs. Laura Anderson
  • Mr. Kevin '82 and Mrs. Monica Anderson
  • Rev. Kirk E. Anderson and Ms. Sheri R. Brown
  • Mr. Leslie and Mrs. D'Ann Anderson
  • Mr. Marvin and Mrs. Marjorie Anderson leaf
  • Mr. Mark R. Anderson '91
  • Mr. Mark and Mrs. Virginia Anderson
  • Mrs. Marsha P. Anderson leaf
  • Ms. Meribeth Anderson
  • Rev. Michael and Mrs. Patricia Anderson leaf
  • Mrs. Patty G. Anderson
  • Mr. Philip Anderson
  • Rev. Drs. Herbert and Phyllis Anderson
  • Rev. Matthew '04 and Mrs. Rebecca '04 Anderson
  • Mr. Richard and Mrs. Janice Anderson
  • Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Walda Anderson leaf
  • Ms. Selina D. Anderson '16
  • Mr. Terry '09 and Mrs. Kristie Anderson
  • Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Beth Anderson leaf
  • Mr. Teodoro Andino
  • Mr. Richard and Mrs. Patricia '95 Andre leaf
  • Mr. Lloyd '66 and Mrs. Laura Andreas leaf
  • Andreini & Company
  • Ms. Hannah M. Andrews '16
  • Ms. Cristalenia E. Andrikos '11 leaf
  • Mr. Derek F. Andrzejewski '14
  • Mr. John and Mrs. Marjorie Andrzejewski
  • Mr. Mark and Mrs. Eileen Angel
  • Anonymous (48) leaf
  • Mr. Robert and Mrs. Marilyn Anthold leaf
  • Mr. James Antosh
  • Dr. Gerhard Apfelthaler leaf
  • Mr. Michael '09 and Mrs. Candice '09 Aragon
  • Mr. Mike and Mrs. Marcia Aragon leaf
  • Mr. Anthony Araiza
  • Dr. Ronald and Mrs. Georgia Araiza
  • Mrs. Dorothy Arata
  • Rev. Dr. William and Mrs. Sandra Arbaugh
  • Mr. Craig and Mrs. Lisa Archer leaf
  • Ms. Natalie R. Archer '13
  • Ms. Maria A. Arger '11
  • Ms. Lisette A. Argott '11
  • Mr. Michael and Mrs. Laila Karson Arias
  • Mr. Mario and Mrs. Deonna '97 Armijo
  • Mr. Arthur L. Armstrong '06 leaf
  • Mr. Michael and Mrs. Ronda Armstrong
  • Mr. Robert '93 and Mrs. Phoebe Armstrong
  • Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Sally '10 Armstrong
  • Revs. David and Mary Armstrong-Reiner
  • Mr. Caleb W. Arndt '16
  • Mr. Michael J. Arndt
  • Mr. Bradford '08 and Mrs. Kirsten Arnold leaf
  • Mr. David and Mrs. Vanessa Arnold
  • Mr. Joel '97 and Mrs. Kerri Arnold leaf
  • Ms. Laurel J. Arnold '07
  • Mr. William L. Arnold '16
  • Ms. Islamiyah Arogundade
  • Mr. Allan '65 and Mrs. Beverly '65 Aronson
  • Mr. Gregory Aronson
  • Mr. Carlos and Mrs. Maria Arreola leaf
  • Mr. Manuel and Mrs. Margarita Arriagada
  • Arrow Electronics, Inc.
  • Mr. Todd '91 and Mrs. Laura Arrowsmith
  • Mr. Andre E. Arsinian '16
  • Mr. Demecio and Mrs. Josefina Arteaga leaf
  • Mr. Dennis Arteaga '15
  • Mr. Mike E. Arteaga '16
  • Mr. Daniel Arterburn
  • Mr. Richard and Mrs. Linda Arth leaf
  • Ascension Lutheran Church (Thousand Oaks, CA)
  • Ascension St. Matthews Church (Price, UT)
  • Ms. Cheryl L. Aschenbach '93
  • Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Bettina Aschenbrenner leaf
  • Mr. Donald and Mrs. Cynthia Asher leaf
  • Mr. Larry and Mrs. Karen '91 Ashim
  • Mr. Eugene '68 and Mrs. Judith '64 Ashmore leaf
  • Ms. Audrey Askegard leaf
  • Mr. Jeffrey '76 and Mrs. Jocelyn Aslesen
  • Assured Life Association
  • AT&T Foundation
  • Mr. Mohammed and Mrs. Sayeda Athar leaf
  • Mr. Youssi Athar
  • Mr. Ron and Rev. Martha Atkins
  • Mr. David Flack and Mrs. Donna M. Audell-Flack '71
  • Mrs. Barbara J. Augsdorfer '83 leaf
  • Mr. Steven E. Augustine '74
  • Mrs. Linda Austin
  • Mr. Michael G. Austin '13
  • Mr. Peter and Mrs. Maria Austin
  • Autism Society Ventura County
  • Ms. Paula R. Avery '88
  • Mrs. Sheann Avery
  • Mr. David S. Avila '16
  • Mr. Edward and Mrs. Rebeca Avila leaf
  • Ms. Karla N. Aviles '16
  • Mr. Wayne Ayers
  • Rev. Ellen R. Ayres '11
  • Ms. Angela R. Azevedo '15
  • Mr. Mark and Mrs. Connie '83 Azevedo
  • Mr. Michael and Mrs. Amy '87 Babel
  • Mr. Erwin and Mrs. Ruth Bachofer
  • Mr. Grant Bagne
  • Mr. Matt and Mrs. Carianne Bagne
  • Mrs. Audrey L. Bahr leaf
  • Mr. James and Mrs. Madelyn Bailey
  • Mr. Ray and Mrs. Martha Bailey
  • Ms. Leticia Baines
  • Ms. Gail L. Baird '68 leaf
  • Mr. James '71 and Mrs. Janet '80 Baird leaf
  • Dr. Jeff T. Bajah '16
  • Mr. John and Mrs. Olga Bajo
  • Mr. Bradly Baker
  • Mrs. Casey R. Baker '12 leaf
  • Rev. David and Mrs. Gloria Baker
  • Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Lisa Baker leaf
  • Mr. Jeffery Baker leaf
  • Ms. Jayne Baker
  • Mr. Mark and Mrs. Connie Bakken
  • Mr. Shant Balci
  • Mrs. Barbara Balerud leaf
  • Ms. Annabelle L. Baley
  • Mr. Odis and Mrs. Lolita Ball
  • Ms. Deborah A. Ballard '92
  • Mrs. Lucille Ballard
  • Ms. Robyn L. Ballard '09 leaf
  • Rev. Faith N. Ballenger and Mr. Roger Katz
  • Ms. Sandra L. Ballentine '03 leaf
  • Rev. Julé Ballinger
  • Mr. David and Mrs. Jeanne Balsley
  • Mr. Benjamin D. Banaszklewicz '16
  • Ms. Jill A. Banaszynski '94 leaf
  • Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Sandra Bane
  • The Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc.
  • Bank of the West
  • Ms. Mary D. Banks
  • Dr. Edward and Mrs. Jill Banman
  • Mr. Winthrop '09 and Mrs. Melissa Banning
  • Rev. Keith G. Banwart
  • Mr. Amador Barajas
  • Ms. Barbara L. Barajas '13