The Other Side of Nashville

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The Other Side of Nashville

Music City has been the Mecca for Country Music since the 40's. Its identity has become world famous, and its music is the most programmed format on Radio. But wait! Nashville's first # 1 record more than 70 years ago wasn't even Country! In this class, we will explore the incredible and mostly unknown secret of Nashville: the wealth and variety of non-Country Music that has its roots there. The list of artists, songs, and famous musicians and songwriters is truly amazing. These include some of the greats in Pop Music such as Tony Bennett, Andy Williams, Perry Como, Elvis, Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan and many stars of Rock and Gospel.

Tony Moon has spent 60 successful years in the Music Business. Beginning in 1960, he joined the L.A. group Dante and The Evergreens, which was managed and produced by Lou Adler and Herb Alpert and later moved to Nashville becoming the guitarist and conductor for Brenda Lee. He also began playing on recording sessions and was Nashville's first rock independent music producer, working with five major labels. He scored several big hits for The Vogues, including "5 O' Clock World." Moon has won several awards as a songwriter and music publisher. His songs have been released by artists as diverse as Porter Wagoner, Willie Nelson, Vickie Carr, Pearl Jam and The Beatles.

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