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Professor Fienup Gives Interview on Capitol Record Podcast

We have amazing news coming out of our Center for Economic Research and Forecasting (CERF). Following our Ventura County Economic Forecast on February 28, Executive Director Matthew Fienup was invited by our guest speaker at the event, David Bahnsen, to be a guest on his nationally recognized podcast. David Bahnsen is a portfolio manager, was repeatedly named a top advisor by the Financial Times, Forbes, and Barrons, he is a regular contributor to Forbes and National Review, a commentator on major TV news outlets such as CNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg TV, Fox News, published several books, and is very well-known podcaster among decision-makers interested in economics and economic policy. He had many greats on his podcast and just today released a full episode consisting of an interview with Matthew Fienup titled "Data analytics put to work" on his weekly podcast Capitol Record. Congratulations to Matthew and also Dan Hamilton who is instrumental in CERF's success!