Degree Completion Agreements

For Undergraduate Students

The DCA process is an audit of a student’s academic record to ensure that the student is on the right path toward graduation and commencement.

The main purpose of the DCA meeting is to identify remaining degree requirements needed for students to graduate. This entails conducting a senior audit, reviewing all courses taken, determining any outstanding graduation requirements, and adhering to the academic policies stated in the University Catalog such as major/core requirements and limitations of credits. Additionally, students who comeplete the DCA meeting based on the timeline available below will have the opportunity to enroll in classes before registration begins.

Links for Graduates

Degree Completion Agreement (DCA) Timeline for the 2022-2023 school year

To Do Item Due Date
Attend the Pathway to Graduation event on Tuesday, September 13, 2022  Additional information can be found on the HUB calendar here: Pathway to Graduation Event
Submit your Application for Degree via Student Planning October 1, 2022 is the priority deadline for filing for May and August 2023
Pay the Graduation Fee Fee is $125 until 10/1/22 and $150 if paid after 10/1/22

Schedule a Senior Degree Audit meeting with your Student Success Counselor to discuss outstanding requirements needed to complete your degree.

Make an appointment at

For May or August 2023 gradutes, schedule your Senior Degree Audit beginning Sept 26 to Oct 31 2022. 

For December 2023 graduates, schedule your Senior Degree Audit in March 2023.