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 Angel Abundez '19

Home Town: Ventura, CA
Major: Environmental Science

Favorite place on campus: The Cross
Favorite CLU Activity: Wrestling Club

"I love CLU because the community here has become a place in my life where I can call it home."

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 Oscar Alvarado '18

Home Town: Glendora, CA
Major: Psychology: Law & Criminal Behavior

Favorite place on campus: Starbucks and Kingsmen Park
Favorite CLU Activity: Improv, hanging out with friends in the park

"You could go anywhere on campus and make a new friend. You never have to worry about being alone because everyone is there for each other. They make you feel at home".

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 Austin Boelman '19

Home Town: Mission Viejo, CA
Major: Psychology

Favorite place on campus: Kingsmen Park
Favorite CLU Activity: Improv

"My whole family has attended CLU and I love the the small campus".

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Yarelin Cantu '21

Home Town: Santa Paula, CA
Major: Sociology

Favorite place on campus: Student Support Services and Ullman Commons
Favorite CLU Activity: Paint the Rocks

 "CLU is a small campus and full of diversity. As a Latina, I feel welcomed and accepted. It's only my first year on campus, but I already know that I have made friends for life. Also, the breakfast at Ullman is so good!"

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Karyme Lara Chagoya '21

Home Town: Basalt, CO
Major: Criminal Justice and Psychology 

Favorite place on campus: Student Support Services and Student Union
Favorite CLU Activity: Improv

"I chose CLU because when I first came to campus, I felt really welcomed, and that means a lot to me."

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Lauren Curl '19

Home Town: Bend, OR
Major: Psychology and Music: Education

Favorite place on campus: Kingsmen Park
Favorite CLU Activity: Club Activities

 "CalLutheran is a welcoming, inspiring, community that makes anyone feel at home and helps everyone find their purpose to inspire the world!"

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Andrew Daehlin'18

Home Town: Moorpark, CA
Major: Communication: TV Production

Favorite place on campus:  Jack's Corner
Favorite CLU Activity: Homecoming Carnival

"Some one once told me that, “Some things in life, they are a get to, not a have to.” Cal Lu is one of those places. I have gotten everything out of it that I hoped for and so much more! I encourage you to pursue what makes you happy and you will be overjoyed."

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Bridget De Maria '20

Home Town: Los Alamitos, CA
Major: Communication and Theatre Arts

Favorite place on campus: Starbucks and  Black Box Theatre
Favorite CLU Activity: Improv

"Cal Lutheran is a little gem, and I couldn't imagine myself anywhere else."

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Ana Dominguez '20

Home Town: Santa Clarita, CA
Major: Interdisciplinary Educational Studies

Favorite place on campus: Kingsmen Park
Favorite CLU Activity: Improv

 "I love it here, there is such a friendly vibe all throughout campus and the professors truly care about your success. Everyone here wants the best for you and will help you achieve it."

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Makenna Drye '21

Home Town: Burlington, WA
Major: Mathematics

Favorite place on campus: Kingsmen Park
Favorite CLU Activity: Let It Snow

"CLU is the happiest place on earth, other than Disneyland"

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Cristina Farias '20

Home Town: Camarillo, CA
Major: History: Museum Studies

Favorite place on campus: Kingsmen Park
Favorite CLU Activity: Improv

"Cal Lutheran is a very accepting and friendly place. Everyone genuinely cares about you. I chose Cal Lutheran because it felt like come away from home."

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Talia Gaulke '21

Home Town: Buckley, WA
Major: Communication 

Favorite place on campus: Jack's Corner
Favorite CLU Activity: Improv and Athletic Games

"During my college search I had a lot of trouble deciding if I was willing to leave Washington, the only place I've ever lived, to come to California. Eventually, I decided to be adventurous and choose Cal Lu! I have not once doubted my decision to come here. Everyone I meet is friendly and welcoming, it feels like home. Plus the sun year-round isn't that bad."

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Lauren Graf '21

Home Town: Carpinteria, CA
Major: Communication and Art

Favorite place on campus:  William Rolland Art Center
Favorite CLU Activity: Improv

"Cal Lutheran is like a family, and the faculty and students here are friendly, supportive, and care about you and your success."

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Madeline Graves '20

Home Town: Walnut Creek, CA
Major: Psychology and Philosophy

Favorite place on campus: Kingsmen Park
Favorite CLU Activity: Improv

"I chose Cal Lu for the community setting and because of how friendly everyone is"

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Rachel Guerrero '20

Home Town: Moreno Valley, CA
Major: Multimedia

Favorite place on campus:  William Rolland Art Center
Favorite CLU Activity: 48 Hour Film Jam

"I chose Cal Lutheran because of the strong community between students here. Since it's a smaller campus, it's super easy to connect with people and make friends!"

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Katarina Lopez '21

Home Town: Pacoima, CA
Major: Criminology

Favorite place on campus:  Student Support Services and Black Box Theatre
Favorite CLU Activity: Improv

"The community here is so inviting and the staff are motivated to help you succeed. I chose CLU because it felt like home and I knew that this was the place where I can grow into the person I want to become."

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Kassidy McEnroe '20

Home Town: Thousand Oaks, CA
Major: Marketing Communication

Favorite place on campus: Starbucks and the William Rolland Stadium
Favorite CLU Activity: Homecoming as well as cheering for the Kingsmen and Regals

"I love CLU because the campus community is like one big purple and gold family. The professors are amazing and take the time to create a meaningful course as well as engage with students regularly. There are so many awesome ways to get involved, and lots of fun events put on every week by different student groups. The students, faculty, staff are very welcoming and everyone is always smiling and really happy to be on our beautiful campus. The tradition and school spirit among alumni and students is very special and is what unites us all".

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Garrett Mueller '21

Home Town: Palm Desert, CA
Major: Political Science

Favorite place on campus: The Meditation Garden
Favorite CLU Activity: Improv

"The professors are warm, inviting, and understanding. I regard them not just as mentors, but as friends, who shape me into the analytical thinker that I am today."

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Landon Navarro '20

Home Town: Honolulu, HI
Major: Business

Favorite place on campus: Mt. Clef: Plounge
Favorite CLU Activity: Monte Carlo

"CLU is the perfect size for me. All the faculty members are terrific and are always there to support me. But most importantly the friendships I have made here will last a life time".

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Jaz Palafox '21

Home Town: Honolulu, HI
Major: Biochem and Molecular Biology

Favorite place on campus: The Cross
Favorite CLU Activity: InCLUsive Overnight

"Cal Lu is a small school with a big purpose. They care about me personally and develop my gifts and talents, so that I will be successful in my chosen major and career. I feel very balanced, fulfilled and happy here. It is my second home and everyone here is family to me."

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Suvee Ranasinghe '21

Home Town: Ventura, CA
Major: Biology

Favorite place on campus:  Starbucks or Student Union
Favorite CLU Activity: Homecoming Carnival

"The people here are so community orientated, I love it."

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Paige Rankin '20

Home Town: Valencia, CA
Major: Communication: Public Relations/Advertising

Favorite place on campus: Kingsmen Park
Favorite CLU Activity: Hammocking in Kingsmen Park

"I chose Cal Lutheran because I love the family atmosphere, and I found my own family here!"

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Nissa Rolf '20

Home Town: Minneapolis, MN
Major: Music and Psychology 

Favorite place on campus: Student Union
Favorite CLU Activity: Paint the Rocks

"Coming from a small private school in Minnesota, I was looking for a university that would exhibit personal relationships between professors and students as I had in high school. Not only do professors have an interest in the students, but also genuinely want them to succeed. Stepping onto campus, I was also inspired by the amount of California native plants. It really felt like CLU put their time and effort into making this place an inviting and naturally comfortable environment for everyone."

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Tania Saaman '19

Home Town: Oxnard, CA
Major: Biology

Favorite place on campus: Starbucks
Favorite CLU Activity: Paint the Rocks

"CLU feels like my home away from home. As soon as I step foot on campus, I feel an automatic sense of community. Everyone at CLU is so welcoming, kind, and want to see you succeed."

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Mercedes Sacca '20

Home Town: San Diego, CA
Major: Mathematics and Computer Science

Favorite place on campus: Kingsmen Park
Favorite CLU Activity: Finals... for the puppies

 "I chose Cal Lutheran after I came for Admitted Students Day. Having all the Pres Hosts in purple and gold early in the morning welcome me to campus made me feel so invited. Through out that day I felt like I was home, people I did not know were coming up and talking to me. I had a professor already take interest in my academic career before I was already here. At the end of the day I knew that Cal Lu was going to be my home for the next four years."

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Kaitlyn Sloniker '19

Home Town: Ventura, CA
Major: Psychology 

Favorite place on campus: Kingsmen Park
Favorite CLU Activity: New Student Orientation

"I love CLU for so many reasons: the small campus, the amazing faculty and staff, the sense of community that we have, meeting so many awesome people, getting involved in campus activities, all the friendly people on campus, and the list goes on!"

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Maddie Sosa '21

Home Town: Valencia, CA
Major: BiologyPre-Med

Favorite place on campus: The Gilbert Forrest Fitness Center
Favorite CLU Activity: Football Games

"I love the small aspect of the school and how much the professors care. The school offers everything to help pursue your future and that's important to me!"

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Amanda Souza' 19

Home Town: Moorpark, CA
Major: Communication: Public Relations/ Advertising 

Favorite place on campus: Pearson Library and Student Union
Favorite CLU Activity: Paint the Rocks

"When I began my college search the most important aspect for me was a real personal relationship between students and professors, and Cal Lutheran has given me that. This school has exceeded my expectations and has provided me with professors that truly care about me and my educational pursuits. I feel so blessed to have been given the unique opportunities that a small intimate campus has to offer, and I am honored to be a part of this CLU community."

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Lesile Tran '20

Home Town: Canoga Park, CA
Major: Chemistry

Favorite place on campus: 
Favorite CLU Activity: Homecoming Carnival

"I love Cal Lutheran because it is such a beautiful and inviting campus that fosters an amazing community. No matter where you go, you will always be able to build friendships that can last a lifetime. The staff and professors here genuinely care and are interested in what students have to say. Cal Lutheran's emphasis on a community is what allows students to reach beyond what they thought was possible."

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Austin Trapnell '20

Home Town: St. Paul, MN
Major: Business: Marketing

Favorite place on campus: My Residence Hall
Favorite CLU Activity: Let It Snow

"For me, CLU feels like a California version of home. The nice down to earth people, caring teachers, and overall a positive environment to be in as a student just makes me feel like I am free to be myself. "

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Austin Truong '19

Home Town: Chino Hills, CA
Major: BiologyPre-Med

Favorite place on campus: Student Union and William Rolland Stadium
Favorite CLU Activity: Intramural Soccer

 "Cal Lutheran is made up of people that you truly consider as a family. Everyone is so welcoming and encouraging in order for you to be the best possible version of yourself, if not better." 

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Evan Underwood' 18

Home Town: San Diego, CA
Major: Communication

Favorite place on campus: Presidential Host Hangout
Favorite CLU Activity: Campus Tours

 "The undeniable sense of community is beyond words. You cant beat walking to class every morning and running into all of your best friends on the way to class."

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Jose E. Mendoza Vazquez '20

Home Town: Goleta, CA 
Major: Business Administration: Management 

Favorite place on campus:  William Rolland Art Center
Favorite CLU Activity: Classes

"Its a campus of many opportunities, its what you make of it! One has to take the initiative and then the wheels of the many great things that CLU has to offer arise and keep coming."

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Heather Wilson-Hooker '19

Home Town: Corona, CA
Major: Marketing Communication

Favorite place on campus: Enormous Luther: Gumby
Favorite CLU Activity: Programs Board Meetings

"Cal Lutheran is my second home. Everyone is so welcoming, and I've never been happier! The faculty, staff, and students are truly so helpful. I have so many fond memories here on campus and I can't wait for more."

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