Meet the Tour Guides



Alex Reynoso '25 (she, her, hers)

Home Town: Claremont, CA
Major: Film and Television and English

Favorite Spot on Campus:Center for Cultural and Engagement and Inclusion (CCEI) Lounge

"I love the community here at CLU. Everyone is so outgoing and welcoming and makes me feel right at home."



Ali Gregory (she, her, hers)

Home Town: Thousand Oaks, CA
Emphasis: Sports Psychology

Favorite place on campus: Memorial Field 

"I love Cal Lu because it is a super welcoming campus where you get to meet a lot of new friends and make many memories."



Erika Garcia ' 26 (she, her, hers)

Home Town: Ojai, CA

Favorite place on campus: Starbucks

"CLU allows me to work in a small classroom size so that I can form connections with my peers and professors."

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Fatima Pena Contreras ' 23 (she, her, hers)

Home Town: Napa, CA
Major: Psychologyand Business Adminstration
Emphasis: Marketing

Favorite place on campus: Swings by the Upperclassmen Residence Halls

"I love CLU because of the beautiful campus and my friends."

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Jackie Mendez '24

Home Town: Pacoima, CA
Major:Business Adminstration
Emphasis: Management

Favorite place on campus: Starbucks

"CLU is honestly a place where everyone from different background is welcomed. I find CLU to be my second home or my home away from home. Everyone is welcoming, gives positive vibes, and is always there for everyone."

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Jalen Patton '26 (he, him, his)

Home Town: Oxnard, CA
Major: Exercise Science

Favorite Spot on Campus: Piano Room

"The family feel I get from all the welcoming people on campus."



Jennie White '23 (she, her, hers)

Home Town: Palmdale, CA
Major: Theater Arts and English
Minor: Dance

Favorite place on campus: Black Box Studio Theatre

"I really enjoy our small class sizes and how that's given me the opportunity to connect with classmates and professors in every one of the courses I've taken here!"

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Jenny Quintero '26 (she, her, hers)

Home Town: Thousand Oaks, CA and
Major: Business Administration and Ethnic and Race Studies
Emphasis: Marketing

Favorite place on campus: Starbucks

"I love Cal Lu because everyone is extremely welcoming and accepting. During New Student Orientation, I was greeted with friendly RAs and PAs that made the transition easier. CLU also offers various opportunities that allowed me to grow and be a part of the community on campus!"

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Jordan Sanchez '23 (she, her, hers)

Home Town: Ewa Beach, HI

Favorite place on campus: Behind the Chapel

"There are so many ways to get involved on campus, and that’s what I love most about Cal Lu. My favorite memory is attending a campus event called Let it Snow, and being one of the last people to sing karaoke during the evening while it was pouring rain! That same night, I got to pet some goats and bunnies, and sled down a hill of ice."

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Lauren Ormiston '24 (she, her, hers)

Home Town: Puyallup, WA
Business Adminstration

Favorite place on campus:The Residence Halls

"The people at CLU are what truly make it home. Students, staff, and faculty alike are generous, friendly, and willing to help out, creating a family here on campus."

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Laylanie Valenzuela '26 (she, her, hers)

Home Town: Santa Barbara, CA
Major: Marketing Communication and Music Production

Favorite Spot onCampus:Preus-Brandt Forum

"I love CLU because it gave me the chance to continue to grow and meet some amazing people."

¡Hablo español!

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Maddie Greig ' 26 (she, her, hers)

Home Town: Oceanside, CA
Major:Criminology and Criminal Justice

Favorite Spot on Campus:Jack's Corner

"Cal Lutheran has such a welcoming community once you first come on campus to when you graduate no matter who you are!"



RJ Perez '26 (he, him, his)

Home Town: Santa Barbara, CA
Film and Television
Emphasis: Production

Favorite Spot on Campus: Spies-Bornemann Center for Education & Technology

"I love CLU because I am always able to get the help I need and build connections/bonds with my peers. CLU is also very welcoming and has a really warm environment."



Riley Hulit '26 (she, her, hers)

Home Town: Redondo Beach, CA
Mathematics and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Favorite Spot on Campus: Swenson Science Center Study Area

"The comforting and familiar atmosphere! Plus how nice and welcoming everyone is!"



Sam Hernandez '25 (she/her/hers)

Home Town: Hacienda Heights, CA
Exercise Science
Emphasis: Health Professions
Minor: Spanish 

Favorite Spot on Campus:Starbucks

"I love Cal Lu because of the small class size which allows personal connections with not only peers but professors as well."

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Taryn Gaulke '23 (she/her/hers)

Home Town: Buckley, WA
Major:Business Adminstration
Emphasis: Entrepreneurship
Minor: Dance

Favorite Spot on Campus:Starbucks

"CLU helped me gain lifelong friends from different events and involvement around the campus. I quickly fell in love with my home away from home thanks to the welcoming environment of campus."