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Angel Abundez '19

Home Town: Ventura, CA
Major: Undecided

Favorite place on campus: Kingsmen Park
Favorite CLU Activity: Hall Wars

I love CLU because the community here has become a place in my life where I can call it home.

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Oscar Alvarado '18

Home Town: Glendora, CA
Major: Psychology emph. Law & Criminal Behavior

Favorite place on campus: Starbucks and Kingsmen park
Favorite CLU Activity: Improv, hanging out with friends in the park

"You could go anywhere on campus and make a new friend. You never have to worry about being alone because everyone is there for each other. They make you feel at home".

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Babatunde Awe '20

Home Town: Inglewood, CA
Major: Communication emph. Film and Television

Favorite place on campus: Student Union and Forum
Favorite CLU Activity: Improv

"The people here are so nice and and the campus is just beautiful. I'm enjoying my classes because they are small and intimate. Also, the teachers are really helpful and I feel like they really want you to succeed".

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Grant Bagne '18

Home Town: Placentia, CA
Major: Business Administration

Favorite place on campus: Samuelson Chapel
Favorite CLU Activity: Intramural Sports Hall Cup Tournment

"My favorite thing about Cal Lutheran is the sense of community. The students I have met at this university are such amazing people and the friendships I have made here will be life lasting. Everybody is so happy and enthusiastic about Cal Lutheran! The staff and faculty give individualized attention to offer help and make students feel confident in their studies. Cal Lutheran is the best place for students to grow and discover their purpose."

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Austin Boelman '19

Home Town: Mission Viejo, CA
Major: Psychology

Favorite place on campus: Kingsmen Park
Favorite CLU Activity: Improv 

"My whole family has attended CLU and I love the the small campus".

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Daniel Buonauro '19

Home Town: Santa Clarita, California
Major: Psychology

Favorite place on campus: Kingsmen Park
Favorite CLU Activity: Playfair 

 "I love CLU because even though it may not have been my initial first choice, I realized once I got to campus that this is where I'm meant to be".

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Joseph Carbine '18

Home Town: Thousand Oaks
Major: Criminal Justice 

Favorite place on campus: Football Lockerroom 
Favorite CLU Activity: Intercollegiate football

"I love CLU because of the close relationships you can achieve with your teachers and how they truly care about your success. Coming from the TO community, I love how CLU feels more like a part of the community than just a college campus in the middle of it. I also love the opportunities Cal Lu can offer to a student athlete".

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Andrew Daehlin '18

Home Town: Moorpark, CA
Major: Communication

Favorite place on campus: Jack's Corner
Favorite CLU Activity: Play Fair

 "CLU has offered me an overwhelming sense of community and home. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to work with professionals and students alike that care about me and my education".

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Brittany DeValk '17

Home Town: Elk River, MN
Major: History Pedagogy

Favorite place on campus: The Samuelson Aquatics Center
Favorite CLU Activity: Improv

"I remember walking out of my first class on the first day of the semester and just thinking, "This is where I'm meant to be, I made the right decision to come here!" I'm reminded of this daily as I'm challenged academically, as the professors take an interest in my academic success, and as the friendships I've made so far transform into friendships that will last a lifetime. Cal Lutheran has the prefect balance for me academically, athletically, and socially! I'm so glad Cal Lu will be my home for the next couple years!"

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Noel Harris '20

Home Town: Burbank, CA
Major: Communication

Favorite place on campus: Student Union
Favorite CLU Activity: Homecoming Weekend

"I love the emphasis on inclusivity and diversity. I also love how beautiful the campus is and all the programs and events throughout the year!"

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McKenna Johnsen '17

Home Town: Tigard, OR
Major: Psychology

Favorite place on campus: The Cross
Favorite CLU Activity: Monte Carlo

"Faculty and students genuinely want you to be happy whether they know you or not. You will truly feel the love and warmth as you walk across campus".

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Kassidy McEnroe '20

Home Town: Thousand Oaks, CA
Major: Marketing Communication

Favorite place on campus: Starbucks and the football stadium
Favorite CLU Activity: Homecoming and Family Weekend as well as cheering for the Kingsmen and Regals

"I love CLU because the campus community is like one big purple and gold family. The professors are amazing and take the time to create a meaningful course as well as engage with students regularly. There are so many awesome ways to get involved, and lots of fun events put on every week by different student groups. The students, faculty, staff are very welcoming and everyone is always smiling and really happy to be on our beautiful campus. The tradition and school spirit among alumni and students is very special and is what unites us all".

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Christian Moreno '20

Home Town: Walla Walla, WA
Major: Business and Spanish

Favorite place on campus: Student Union
Favorite CLU Activity: Getting Jamba Juice

"It's a diverse campus. There is so much inclusion on campus, and there are so many resources for students".

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Landon Navarro '20

Home Town: Honolulu, HI
Major: Business

Favorite place on campus: Plounge 
Favorite CLU Activity: Monte Carlo

"CLU is the perfect size for me. All the faculty members are terrific and are always there to support me. But most importantly the friendships I have made here will last a life time".

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Maile Osumi '19

Home Town: Ventura, CA
Major: Exercise Science

Favorite place on campus: Kingsman Park Gazebo
Favorite CLU Activity: Improv

"I love CLU because from the first day of moving in freshman year, I have felt like I am a part of a family. My roommates from freshman year are still my best friends and I am still meeting incredible people and gaining relationships that I never thought I would have".

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Katrina Petty '17

Home Town: Santa Rosa, CA
Major: Communication emp. Public Relations and Advertising

Favorite place on campus: The Cross
Favorite CLU Activity: Let It Snow

"Cal Lutheran has become my home away from home. The people here are so welcoming and friendly that you will never feel out of place. The school has helped me grow in many ways and I'm so fortunate to be a part of the CLU community."

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Krystal Rhaburn '19

Home Town: Norwalk, CA 
Major: Communication

Favorite place on campus: Student Union Building 
Favorite CLU Activity: Homecoming Weekend 

"Cal Lutheran truly is my second home. I have felt comfortable here since before even becoming a student, and that comfort has only grown since. The professors, faculty, and students are so welcoming and make the environment very enjoyable. We are like our own little small community, which allows me to feel connected to the school and immersed within our wonderful campus".

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Jeffrey Roberts '18

Home Town: San Diego, CA
Major: Theology and Christian Leadership

Favorite place on campus: Samuelson Chapel/Wennes Interfaith Chapel
Favorite CLU Activity: Alternative Break Trips

"My favorite part about Cal Lutheran is all the opportunities that are available to the students.  Being only 45 minutes for LA and Santa Barbra, there are so many internships available for every major.  Also, there are lots of scholarships and funds available for students to attend conferences all over California and the U.S. as a part of Cal Lutheran.  This allows students to engage in experiential learning rather than being confined to a classroom."

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Mercedes Sacca '20

Home Town: San Diego, CA
Major: Mathematics

Favorite place on campus: Kingsmen park
Favorite CLU Activity: Orientation and Involvement Fair

"The first day I stepped foot on campus I saw all the trees and friendly people and fell in love. The the first day of school I met my PA Grant and he introduced me in to all the fun things CLU has to offer. I love how the campus feels like a family".

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Rachel Salvati '20

Home Town: San Diego, CA
Major: Marketing Communications

Favorite place on campus: Kingsmen park
Favorite CLU Activity: Fair Trade Fair

"CLU creates a second family and a second home, and I love those connections with people."

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Tania Samaan '19

Home Town: Oxnard, CA
Major: Biology

Favorite place on campus: Starbucks
Favorite CLU Activity: Paint the Rocks

"CLU feels like my home away from home. As soon as I step foot on campus, I feel an automatic sense of community. Everyone at CLU is so welcoming, kind, and want to see you succeed."

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Christina Sharkey '17

Home Town: Mill Valley, CA
Major: Biology

Favorite place on campus: Ahmanson Science Building 
Favorite CLU Activity: Pet the Puppies

"Cal Lutheran is filled with positive and cheerful people. I chose the school because I love the community-feel of the campus and the endless amount of opportunities that students have to improve their academic experience."

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Kaitlyn Sloniker '19

Home Town: Ventura, CA
Major: Math and Psychology

Favorite place on campus: The Cross and the Student Counseling Center
Favorite CLU Activity: Let It Snow

"I love CLU for so many reasons: the small campus, the amazing faculty and staff, the sense of community that we have, meeting so many awesome people, getting involved in campus activities, all the friendly people on campus, and the list goes on!"

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Amanda Souza '19

Home Town: Moorpark, CA
Major: Communication

Favorite place on campus: The Pearson Library and Student Union
Favorite CLU Activity: CLU Rock Painting

When I began my college search the most important aspect for me was a real personal relationship between students and professors, and Cal Lutheran has given me that. This school has exceeded my expectations and has provided me with professors that truly care about me and my educational pursuits. I feel so blessed to have been given the unique opportunities that a small intimate campus has to offer, and I am honored to be a part of this CLU community.

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Leslie Tran '20

Home Town: Canoga Park, CA
Major: Chemistry

Favorite place on campus: 
Favorite CLU Activity: Homecoming Carnival 

I love Cal Lutheran because it is such a beautiful and inviting campus that fosters an amazing community. No matter where you go, you will always be able to build friendships that can last a lifetime. The staff and professors here genuinely care and are interested in what students have to say. Cal Lutheran's emphasis on a community is what allows students to reach beyond what they thought was possible. 

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Austin Trapnell '20

Home Town: St. Paul, MN
Major: Business 

Favorite place on campus: Plounge
Favorite CLU Activity: Let It Snow

"For me, CLU feels like a California version of home. The nice down to earth people, caring teachers, and overall a positive environment to be in as a student just makes me feel like I am free to be myself. "

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Jose Vazquez '20

Home Town: Goleta, CA 
Major: Politcal Science and Spanish 

Favorite place on campus: Jack's Corner 
Favorite CLU Activity: Study and Talk with friends in the Student Union 

"Its a campus of many opportunities, its what you make of it! One has to take the initiative and then the wheels of the many great things that CLU has to offer arise and keep coming."

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Heather Wilson-Hooker '19

Home Town: Corona, CA
Major: Maketing Communication

Favorite place on campus: Enormous Luther: Gumby
Favorite CLU Activity: Improv

California Lutheran University is such a welcoming campus. Not only do the teachers want to see you reach your goals, but everyone does, including mentors, faculty, and peers. I always have an event to attend to make memories at CLU! 

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Delaney Whitted '17

Home Town: Santa Maria, CA
Major: Marketing Communication

Favorite place on campus: Starbucks/Jack's Corner
Favorite CLU Activity: Common Ground

"I love CLU because of the sense of community the campus has on a daily basis. I cannot go a day without seeing someone I know while walking to class or to work, and it is these friendly interactions that brighten my days. I also love the religious aspect of this university. One of my favorite things to do here is Common Ground, which happens at 9:11 pm on Wednesdays. It is a great time to take some time to relax and worship our Lord."

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Carlee Wood '17

Home Town: Chula Vista, CA 
Major: Marking Communication 

Favorite place on campus: Samuelson Chapel  
Favorite CLU Activity: Common ground

"CLU is a blank canvas, it can become whatever you want". 

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