Meet the Tour Guides


 Ally Hatter

Ally Hatter '20

Home Town: Baton Rouge, LA

Favorite place on campus: 
Favorite CLU Activity: 


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Ana Dominguez '20

Home Town: Santa Clarita, CA
Major: Interdisciplinary Educational Studies

Favorite place on campus: Kingsmen Park
Favorite CLU Activity:Yoga

 "I love it here, there is such a friendly vibe all throughout campus and the professors truly care about your success. Everyone here wants the best for you and will help you achieve it."

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Anna Gallo '21

Home Town: Highlands Ranch, CO
Major: Accounting

Favorite place on campus: Kingsmen Park
Favorite CLU Activity: Intramural Sports

 "I decided to attend Cal Lutheran because of the amazing community and people on campus. Everyone is so kind and welcoming I knew this was a place I would want to call home. I also liked that it was a smaller school and I would have the opportunity to get to know my professors and peers". 

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Ariana Avila Torres '22

Home Town: Santa Barbara, CA
Major: Interdisciplinary Educational Studies

Favorite place on campus: 
Favorite CLU Activity: 


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Austin Gregory '22

Home Town: Thousand Oaks, CA
Major: Communication

Favorite place on campus:  Pederson Hall
Favorite CLU Activity: Dorm Hall Games

"I decided to come to Cal Lu because of how welcomed I felt and I fell in love with the campus when I came on my tour".

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Beverly Skinner '21

Home Town: Portland, OR
Major:Music: Education
Minor: Spanish

Favorite place on campus: The Cross
Favorite CLU Activity: Christmas Concert

"I love that the school is small enough where I get to see familiar faces all over campus and develop relationships with the professors and staff!"

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Bridget De Maria '20

Home Town: Los Alamitos, CA
Major: Communication and Theatre Arts

Favorite place on campus: Starbucks and  Black Box Theatre
Favorite CLU Activity: Improv

"Where you find your people, you have a home, and Cal Lutheran makes that really easy. It's a community of endless love and support and is definitely where I needed to be. CLU is a gem and I couldn't imagine myself anywhere else!"

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Cristina Farias '20

Home Town: Camarillo, CA
Major: History: Museum Studies

Favorite place on campus: Kingsmen Park
Favorite CLU Activity: Improv

"Cal Lutheran is a very accepting and friendly place. Everyone genuinely cares about you. I chose Cal Lutheran because it felt like come away from home."

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Eric Mejia '22

Home Town: Los Angeles, CA
Major: Psychology

Favorite place on campus:  Samuelson Chapel
Favorite CLU Activity: Playfair

"One of the main reasons on why I decided to attend Cal Lutheran was because of the community, academics, and diversity; I love seeing all types of backgrounds being shown at Cal Lutheran and it always surprises me knowing that you never know if someone is local, out of state, or out of the country. Also, I was invited to in[CLU]sive in April 2018 and was able to sleep over at Cal Lutheran for two nights; I met students who were just like me, got to check out the dorms, bonded with faculty, and got to eat on campus". 

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Erica Cornelius '20

Home Town: San Clemente, CA
Major: Accounting

Favorite place on campus: Kingsmen Park and Starbucks
Favorite CLU Activity: Let it Snow

"Cal Lutheran is a welcoming, loving community that makes everyone feel at home and helps everyone find their individual paths through life". 

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Garrett Wyatt '21

Home Town: Nuevo, CA
Minor:Theatre Arts

Favorite place on campus:  The Labyrinth
Favorite CLU Activity: Improv!

"I absolutely love the community feeling that Cal Lutheran provides. I can walk across campus and see so many smiling, familiar faces, and it makes me feel at home!

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Jaz Palafox '21

Home Town: Honolulu, HI
Major: Biochem and Molecular Biology

Favorite place on campus: The Cross
Favorite CLU Activity: InCLUsive Overnight

"Cal Lu is a small school with a big purpose. They care about me personally and develop my gifts and talents, so that I will be successful in my chosen major and career. I feel very balanced, fulfilled and happy here. It is my second home and everyone here is family to me."

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Karie Wu '21

Home Town: Seattle, WA
Major: Accounting 
Minor: Spanish

Favorite place on campus: Labyrinth
Favorite CLU Activity: Competing for the Crown

"I love California Lutheran because of it’s all inclusive communities that accept everyone for who they are. Everyone is loving and encouraging. It’s become a place for me to be able to grow to become my best self". 

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Karyme Lara Chagoya '21

Home Town: Basalt, CO
Criminal Justice and Psychology 

Favorite place on campus: Student Support Services and Pearson Library and Admissions Office
Favorite CLU Activity: Improv

"I chose Cal Lutheran because as soon as I stepped on campus I felt welcomed! I also love all the opportunities that are available to you at Cal Lutheran."

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Landon Navarro '20

Home Town: Honolulu, HI
Major: Business

Favorite place on campus: Mt. Clef: Plounge
Favorite CLU Activity: Monte Carlo

"CLU is the perfect size for me. All the faculty members are terrific and are always there to support me. But most importantly the friendships I have made here will last a life time".

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Lauren Graf '21

Home Town: Carpinteria, CA
Major: Communication and Art

Favorite place on campus:  William Rolland Art Center
Favorite CLU Activity: Improv

"Cal Lutheran is like a family, and the faculty and students here are friendly, supportive, and care about you and your success."

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Leah Marty '20

Home Town: IL
Major:Enviromental Science and Political Science

Favorite place on campus: The SEED garden 
Favorite CLU Activity: Picnic Day

"I decided to come to Cal Lu when I realized that it's a place I could easily call home. Everyone here is able to be themselves, and together we create a community unlike any other. I will always love Cal Lu and cherish the people I have met here.

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Makenna Drye '21

Home Town: Burlington, WA
Major: Mathematics and Global Studies

Favorite place on campus: Kingsmen Park
Favorite CLU Activity: Let It Snow

"CLU is the happiest place on earth, other than Disneyland"

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Nia Bratton '22

Home Town: Upland, CA
Major: Political Science 

Favorite place on campus: 
Favorite CLU Activity: Intramural Sports and Basketball Games

"Cal Lutheran is a place where your individual success matters. The Lu cares about you and will help guide you on your journey to success! "

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Nissa Rolf '20

Home Town: Minneapolis, MN
Major: Music and Psychology 

Favorite place on campus: Student Union
Favorite CLU Activity: Paint the Rocks

"Coming from a small private school in Minnesota, I was looking for a university that would exhibit personal relationships between professors and students as I had in high school. Not only do professors have an interest in the students, but also genuinely want them to succeed. Stepping onto campus, I was also inspired by the amount of California native plants. It really felt like CLU put their time and effort into making this place an inviting and naturally comfortable environment for everyone."

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Riley May '22

Home Town: Riverside, CA
Major: English

Favorite place on campus:Student Union
Favorite CLU Activity: Monte Carlo

"I came to Cal Lu because I loved the atmosphere and the community. It has allowed me to have so many awesome opportunities and make so many good friends."

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Serena Zuniga '22

Home Town: Ventura, CA
Major: Communication

Favorite place on campus: Jack's Corner and Student Union
Favorite CLU Activity: Let It Snow

"Cal Lutheran is such an accepting, supportive, and amazing community of people from all over the world. I can't imagine myself anywhere else!"

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Suvee Ranasinghe '21

Home Town: Ventura, CA
Major: Biology

Favorite place on campus:  Starbucks or Student Union
Favorite CLU Activity: Homecoming Carnival

"The people here are so community orientated, I love it."

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Talia Gaulke '21

Home Town: Buckley, WA
Major: Marketing Communication

Favorite place on campus: Kingsmen Park
Favorite CLU Activity: Improv and Athletic Games

"I had a hard time deciding if I wanted to leave Washington, but I decided to be adventurous and choose Cal Lu! I have not once doubted my decision to come here. Everyone I meet is friendly and welcoming, it feels like home. Plus the sun year-round isn't that bad.

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Tanya Kooplicat '21

Home Town: San Jose, CA
Major: Psychology


Favorite place on campus: Starbucks or Student Union
Favorite CLU Activity: Playfair during New Student Orientation

"I love the community of Cal Lutheran! Everyone is welcoming, from the faculty to other students, and it was so easy to feel like I belonged here!!"

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Xavier Reynoso '22

Home Town: Claremont, CA
Major: Biology and Theatre Arts

Favorite place on campus:Zimmerman Music Studios
Favorite CLU Activity: Homecoming Weekend

"Walking around and seeing friendly faces everywhere I go makes Cal Lutheran feel like home. I love living on a campus where there is a strong community that will always have your back."

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