#USvsHate Lead & Learn with CRLP

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#USvsHate Lead & Learn with CRLP

The California Reading and Literature Project at California Lutheran University would like to invite participants to join guest speaker Sarah Peterson to learn about #USvsHate (us versus hate), an empowering student voice initiative’s impact to date, resources for classroom use on the website, how to participate and get your students involved, and dialogue with past/current participants.

#USvsHate is a collective action project to counter bigotry and create safe and welcoming schools.

#USvsHate has two aims:

  1. Support youth empowerment through the creation and amplification of anti-hate/pro-inclusion public messages
  2. Support teachers in responding to the increase in hate and harassment through facilitating anti-hate/pro-inclusion lessons

For more information, please see our flier for this event at #USvsHate Lead & Learn with CRLP flier.

To learn more about the #USvsHate Project, please visit #UsvsHate website.

Sarah Peterson is the regional director of the California Reading and Literature Project at UC San Diego, a position she has held since July 2016.

Prior to becoming Director, Sarah served over a decade as a classroom teacher in the National School District, located 10 miles from the US-Mexico border in South San Diego. Having earned her master’s in education and multiple subject teaching credential with a lilingual CLAD emphasis in Spanish from UC San Diego, she developed her capacity for teaching early literacy and working with English language learners in diverse instructional contexts and grade levels. Her professional passions include side-by-side lesson planning and co-teaching and promoting educational equity through student-voice-led programs such as #USvsHate (usvshate.org).

Learn more about Peterson and CRLP-UC San Diego’s regional site at the CRLP-UC San Diego website.


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