Naming Names: Avoiding the Hollywood Blacklist

Fifty and Better Summer Session 2

Naming Names: Avoiding the Hollywood Blacklist

At the outset of the congressional hearings that led to the blacklist, if you refused to name names of supposed Communists and or sympathizers, you were immediately blacklisted. As a “friendly witness” you could usually save your career.

Included will be Edward Dmytryk, one of the original “Hollywood Ten” who, after a few months in prison, decided to cooperate and named 26 people. His career soon thrived. Also included will be writer Martin Berkeley who, after naming 161 people, was told by the head of the committee to stop because he had given them too many names.

Matthew Weisman received his master’s degree in film from Columbia University School of the Arts where he also taught classes in cinema studies and directed the Cinematheque film program. A professional screenwriter and producer, he taught graduate screenwriting at the USC School of Cinema for 15 years.

The course is four weeks and will take place July 30, August 6, 13 and 20.

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