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5th Annual Executive Talent Management Management Forum

This month we held the 5th annual (and first virtual) Executive Talent Management Management Forum. Keynote speakers including our own Vlad Vaiman (Associate Dean) and Peter Zierhut (Haas Automation) who discussed this year's topic, “Automation and Employment - The workforce in the age of digitalization, AI, and robotization”. Led by moderator Kim Congdon (Herbalife), participants were able to hear from panelists Amie Krause (Atara Biotherapeutics), Steph Murray (Schnitzer Steel), Mark Ronk (The Cheesecake Factory), Mike Soules (Corwin), and Drew West (The TradeDesk) and interact with each other in breakout groups that were led by faculty moderators including Gerhard Apfelthaler, Loredana Carson, Chia-Li Chien, Jamshid Damooei, Susan Murphy, adjunct professor Teri Thompson, and Advisory Council member Susan Van Vleet.